How your donations reach the right place.

The full amount of every donation is given directly to the projects listed. If you would like to sponsor a specific project, please indicate this when making your donation (for example, donation to support project xy). The same applies if you would like your donation to be used to support our work at Dynamic Share. Thank you!

Donations to Dynamic Share can be deducted from your taxes in Switzerland (based on the order 09/10 462 September 15, 2009 of the Tax office Zürich).

Do you need a receipt for your tax return? Then please provide your full mailing address. We will always treat this information confidentially.

Account number.

Account holder:   Verein Dynamic Share, 8001 Zurich
IBAN:   CH05 0900 0000 6181 4332 3
Account:   61-814332-3

Deposit slips.

We will be happy to send you deposit slips. Simply use the contact form to request them.


By pressing the donate button you can donate directly via Paypal.